Got our country back, though.

My wife received this post on Facebook via a friend. The article was by a ‘Dan Thompson’. Apologies Dan, I don’t use FB and I’m not quite sure how to add you as a source, but here’s what you said: So. To summarise: The pound hits a 31 year low £180bn has been wiped off […]

5 Essential Apps for Online Distance Learning


Distance education programs serve as affordable career stepping stones that help professionals advance to the next level. Higher education can even improve job prospects, Peter DeWitt notes in Education Week. For example, opens doors “for anyone looking to build a better future with affordable, quality, debt-free education.” Maximize an online education experience with academic […]

Top 5 Energy Saving Apps

green energy

If you are looking for a way to save energy, there’s an app for that! Actually there are dozens, if not hundreds, of green apps on the market that promise to help you slash your energy bill. But they are not all created equal. Check out these five top-rated apps that will help you cut back […]

Choosing Your Students

Each year a full-time teacher receives in the region of 250-300 students who they will deliver quality learning and teaching. As teaching professionals we don’t get to choose our students, of course not, our middle leaders and the Assistant Head in charge of time-tabling will organise what classes we teach. But, can we in fact […]

Increase Social Media Engagement with QR Codes

QR Code Social Media

Social media has become an important presence in today’s society and it is one of the most powerful communication tools available out there. Staying connected, exchanging data, and receiving real-time information are all important aspects inof our lives. The purpose of social media is to facilitate this constant exchange of information and to help people […]